Maximize Value Through Process Innovation

The INSIGHTIZE™ Suite consists of software solutions and services designed to maximize operational value through advanced technology and process optimization. The INSIGHTIZE™ Suite consists of the following components:


INSIGHTIZE™ is a first-to-market, leave behind executive decision making support solution which analyzes and reports the impact of potential decisions on the entire system from an engineering, accounting and people perspective.

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Whole System Operations Simulation

The digital simulations will include mining, processing, maintenance and logistics. The effect of changing any activity within the Core Process can be assessed in terms of its short and long-term impact on cash and NPV.

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Optimize Operations

Economic Potential Options are developed by changing the current Operating Philosophies and redesigning the Core Process. The changes in the Core Process and subsequent Economic Potential Options can include options with or without capital expenditure. All Economic Options are presented in terms of Cash, NPV and range of Risk of outcomes.

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Core Process Optimization

Hidden value found in the Optimize Operation Solution needs a detailed map of the New Core Process to release the value identified.

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Organizational Blueprint

A scientific organizational structure is created by mapping sub processes for all levels in the organization. This captures all changes if required.

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