INSIGHTIZE™ - Executive Decision-Making Support

Our Product – INSIGHTIZE™ - Improved Business IQ

The Purpose
INSIGHTIZE™ is a first-to-market, leave behind executive decision-making support solution which analyzes and reports the impact of potential decisions on the entire system from an engineering, accounting and people perspective. By uniquely integrating Organizational data and information, Blueprinting, Simulation Modeling and Advanced Analytics, INSIGHTIZE™ delivers:

  • Future Scenario testing
  • Trade-off assessment: Capital, New Technology, Improvement initiatives
  • Business Performance Reporting: daily, monthly and annually for single operations or a portfolio of operations
  • Financial implications (cash and NPV) of engineering/operational decisions
  • Scenario Risk assessment

Benefits to the Client
A leave behind software solution that enables the client to:

  • Evaluate different improvement initiatives and "catch up" strategies for the most favorable cash position now and into the future
  • Test alternative mine plans and future scenarios
  • Run all possible scenarios relevant to the core process
  • Identify the lowest cost platform
  • Optimize Capital Productivity
  • Develop the optimum maintenance strategy for its specific core process
  • Optimize system capacity to benefits
  • Optimize business performance management based on the critical business levers
  • Identify Whole System Productivity increases
  • Develop Cash and Risk profiling of future scenarios
  • Test value of mine plans
  • Optimize Cash options in a transparent and scientific manner