Organizational Blueprint - Detailed Work Process Design

The Purpose
A scientific organizational structure is created by mapping sub processes for all levels in the organization. This captures all changes if required. To ensure the identified value is released, the new work processes are translated at managerial, superintendent and supervisory levels as the Operating Rules need to be translated for each of these sub work processes. The New Key Performance Indicators for each work process is then defined to ensure the new required performance standards form the basis of control room data and individual performance management.

Benefits To The Client

  • All work at each level is described to ensure the changes are embedded into all jobs
  • It ensures that managers do the correct management work, superintendents do the correct superintendent work and supervisors do the correct supervisory work to release all value
  • It serves as the Organizational Blueprint on which job descriptions, performance bonusses and training are built
  • It ensures the Lowest Cost Platform possible
  • It ensures management of relevant data at each level of the organization