Core Process Optimization - Redesigning the Core Process for Maximum Value

The Purpose
Hidden value found in the Optimize Operation Solution needs a detailed map of the New Core Process to release the value identified. The map shows all the transformation, transportation and storage activities. The New Operating Philosophies are translated into a set of New Operating Rules. Different operating options within the New Core Process are evaluated in INSIGHTIZE™. INSIGHTIZE™ uses current mine plans and organizational data, simulation and advanced analytics to assess the technical and financial impact i.e. maintenance strategies and mine plans.

Benefits To The Client

  • A detailed process is documented to ensure the identified value is released
  • The New Operating Philosophies are translated into new processes and each transformation, transportation and storage process has a set of Operating Rules for future reference
  • The mapped Core Process forms the basis for IT System requirements and digitization opportunities
  • The basic Operating Rules which all operational activities will adhere to are agreed on to ensure value is captured
  • Different technical options are evaluated in terms of financial impact

After that, we test the identified automation or digitization options. We:

  • run these options through the simulation model
  • combine all the scenarios to create whole system insights

Then, we run workshops with senior management to:

  • create insights around the scenarios and results that were generated
  • ensure understanding of the capability of the whole system as opposed to silo capabilities

Finally, we create a band of possible outcomes, as generated through INSIGHTIZE™, which can be replicated on a monthly and yearly basis. These can be used to create insight when working with the Board.