Holistic View

GMC’s holistic view is the cornerstone of our success. We believe the whole system is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our Holistic Perspective

Optimizes the process from orebody to product to market

Identifies value destruction of silo efforts

Our Integrated Planning

Creates stable operations and predictable outcomes.

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The New Paradigm

There is a new paradigm emerging which will require businesses to adapt to internal and external dynamics.

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Valuing Diversity

  • Diversity is often diminished to race, sex, and religion
  • A broader view needs to be adopted to include diversity of function, worldviews, specialist areas and management approaches
  • We need to move from tolerating diversity as a matter of social acceptance to valuing diversity as an important business imperative for value creation
  • Diversity creates context for every decision

Structural Variability

Failure to manage the inherent structural variability leaves value on the table.

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Positioning to minimize the impact of mining on the environment

Global Mining Company in partnership with Rocky Mountain Institute helps mining companies to optimize the orebody and align it with the processing capabilities to ensure maximum recovery, minimize the carbon footprint and eliminate unnecessary waste. We believe that demand still drives supply and that both demand and supply should be addressed. Whether the demand comes from the end user, wind turbines, solar panels or other infrastructure, mining will always be required to provide raw materials. If you cannot grow it, you have to mine it. Therefore, we will continue to work with mining companies to minimize damage to the environment while increasing value to the mining companies.

How Digitization Overcomes the Traditional Benchmarking Trap

Traditional benchmarking originated in the manufacturing industry and blatantly overlooks the structural variability which is inherent in mining. It also leads to setting inappropriate targets which destroys value in operations. GMC overcame this trap by utilizing its INSIGHTIZE™ solution.

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