Whole System Operations Simulation - Digital Twin of Current Operations

The Purpose
The digital simulation will include mining, processing, maintenance and logistics. The effect of changing any activity within the Core Process can be assessed in terms of its short and long-term impact on cash and NPV. A digital twin or living replica evaluates the impact of business opportunities on the whole operations in terms of cash and NPV before any physical changes need to be made.

Benefits To The Client
The simulation enables the client to:

  • assess alternative mine plans in terms of operational capability, financial impact and risk profile
  • evaluate business improvement initiatives and rank them in terms of technical and financial impact and risk profile for the total operations
  • asses the absolute capability of the current operating system
  • assess the current system’s level of stability
  • determine the system bottleneck
  • combine data and information which can be extracted through various mechanisms including building an ETL from all relevant IT Systems (i.e. Oracle, SAP, PI, Excel Spreadsheets, etc.) to create daily, monthly, and quarterly technical and financial reports
  • evaluate maintenance strategies and practices by assessing the diminishing rates of return on availability/utilization of equipment and identifying the “sweet spot” - a combination of the technical and financial information that shows when spending money on maintenance is no longer beneficial. The appropriate maintenance system will be proposed
  • evaluate capital projects in terms of technical and financial impact
  • translate control room data into financials