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Our Product - The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution - Improved Business IQ

Executive Decision Support Software Solution – The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution

The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution™ is a first-to- market, leave behind executive decision support solution which analyzes and reports the impact of potential decisions on the entire system from an engineering, accounting and people perspective.

The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution enables:

Lowest cost platform

Scientific configuration of the operations to establish the lowest cost platform and the ability to continuously assess the effect of different decisions on people and equipment numbers

Capital Productivity

Takes only a few hours to assess Capital trade- offs with associated cash and risk implications. Assesses operation specific value contribution of new technology – not vendor claimed value

Optimum maintenance strategy

Maintenance strategies can be evaluated for the strategy or combination of strategies with the best margin

Optimizing system capacity

Testing the limits by taking into consideration structural variability to ensure stable and predictable operations

Value Lever based Business Performance Management

The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution identifies the 20% of performance indicators which impacts 80% of the current and future business performance. It adapts role KPI’s when scenarios are implemented and identifies value levers

Whole System Productivity

Increasing current and future value of the business by optimizing the Core Process

Cash and Risk profiling of future scenarios

Assesses the cash implications and magnitude of risk

Testing value of mine plans

The effect of different mine plans on the entire operation is simulated and the impact on current and future margin is assessed

Cash optimization

Different improvement initiatives and ‘catch up’ strategies can be evaluated for the most favorable cash position now and into the future


The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution is a First-to- market Executive decision support solution which is already implemented in a multi-national, multi-mine operation to give management insight into the current and future cash implications of their decisions and ideas. It is the only solution with a capability to integrate and analyze all the fragmented business improvement initiatives generated by technology solutions, consultant and business initiatives. The value of these silo optimizing efforts are often overstated or not realized due to the inherent system variability and nonlinear complexity of the operation as a whole. The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution integrates these opportunities and analyzes the real value on current and future performance.

It is the first solution with the capability to simulate an entire operation including mining, processing, and logistics by uniquely integrating the operating model, simulator, enterprise data, and advanced analytics.

The outputs from The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution are achieved within a few hours instead of weeks or months. The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution works on phone, tablet, and desktop.

Shared system insight is achieved by management and boards regardless of their function with The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution.

Configuring The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution

The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution is configured with a value-add configuration methodology. It reflects the translation of strategy into all levels of work. This configuration methodology ensures sustainable value and the lowest cost operating platform.

Components of The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution

Advanced Whole System Simulation Modeling

  • Advanced multi-mode simulation of the whole operation drawing on all available digital data - In real-time

  • Mirrors the configuration of an operation in a single simulator

  • Tests performance of a plan, decision, or change

  • Predicts impact of variability of the operation on cash and associated risk band

  • The complexity of the operations is configured in the simulator and therefore designed for model users, it does not require model builders

  • It is dynamically linked to business data which automatically adapts model inputs to the latest variability equations

  • Answers several questions simultaneously, while at all times analyzing the impact of departmental decisions on the whole system productivity and cash levels within a few hours

The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution – Advanced analytics

  • Updates data automatically from all relevant business systems such as Hyperion, Deswik, SAP, and Oracle

  • Integration by ETL plug-ins

  • Integrates information on both actual and planned performance

  • Analysis exported into your tools i.e. Excel, Power BI, Tableau and Digital Boards

  • Scenario re-runs are simply updated in analysis

  • High data transparency with drill-down capability

  • Flexible to new data inputs from fragmented solutions

  • Intelligent forecasting with associated risk profile

  • Flexible to new data inputs from fragmented solutions

  •   Decrease analysis from weeks to hours

The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution - Operating Model

  • The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution integrates the operating model with the simulation and advanced analytics capability.

Dynamic Real-Time Data Interpretation

  • All relevant business data and information are extracted into The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution from all relevant information sources and systems.