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GMC consultants all functioned at General Manager level or are one of the top Industry specialists in their field

Frans de Kock

President and Co-founder of GMC

Frans is the Game Changer. Frans and the founding members created the company on the belief that lasting solutions in companies only happen as the result of a Whole System approach. His 35-year tenure in the mining industry has allowed him to refine the GMC model which has identified $21.2 billion NPV for his client since its inception in 1997. Frans is a champion for Whole System Optimization and believes that if there is more value in a client’s core process, GMC will find it. To ensure continued optimization for his clients, GMC has now developed first-to-market leave-behind software, The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution, which combines innovative core process design, simulation and modeling with advanced analytic technology to support executive decision-making.

Arthur Knowles

V.P. Operations and Co-founder of GMC

Arthur is the Expert. His technical expertise in mine planning and cost modeling, combined with his 45-year tenure in the mining industry, results in consistent and impressive value extraction for our clients. Arthur’s career started in the UK with the National Coal Board. He then moved to Africa: Nchanga Consolidated Copper Mines (opencast and underground operations), Zambia; Rossing Uranium, Namibia; and Potgietersrust Platinum, South Africa. In 1994, he started a mining consultancy in Johannesburg, MineNet (Pty) Ltd, and in 1997, whilst retaining control of MineNet, Arthur became one of the founder members of GMC. Arthur is truly the driving force behind the GMC model and laid the groundwork for continued global success.

Arthur Knowles

Chris Jenkins

Chris Jenkins

Executive Director of GMC

Chris is the Conceptualizer. He is an experienced natural resource specialist with first-hand experience in designing and leading large scale, multi-site operational improvement and transformation programs for companies across the sector including Greenfield site development.

A fully qualified Minerals Engineer, Chris has designed and led multiple successful assignments across the globe transforming his client’s strategic position into operational reality. His experience spans a wide range of mining sectors and geographies. Chris combines his extensive technical knowledge with business insight in Whole System development to offer our clients robust solutions based on first-hand experience. His philosophy and 35-year tenure in the mining industry has allowed him to consistently deliver successful results for our clients.

Izanne Neethling

SVP Operations of GMC

Izanne is the Problem Solver. Her impressive tenure in both the Financial and Mining Sectors make her our clients’ most trusted business advisor. Izanne’s unique perspective on organizational challenges has allowed her to develop all the non-technical aspects of the GMC business model. Utilizing her 11 years of experience in consulting in the Mining Industry, Izanne consistently plays a fundamental leadership role in completing some of our client’s largest paradigm-shifting projects. Izanne has 26 years of business consulting experience, with a lasting reputation as a leader, a groundbreaker, and a champion for change.

Izanne Neethling

Kent Buddle

Kent Buddle

SVP Technology of GMC

Kent is the Practical Implementer. Kent believes in reducing the variability for our clients from the ground up. Thirty years in the mining and materials handling industry have allowed Kent to understand shifts in the industry and develop proactive approaches to ensure longevity for our clients. With a passion to understand cause and effect relationships learned from his extensive maintenance management experience, he now applies the same energy to understanding the opportunities for system improvement. This relentless drive for improvement in systems and process predictability has led Kent to actively support the detailed implementation of The INSIGHTIZE™ Solution.

Clint Delisle

GMC Partner and President of R2 Solutions

Clint is the Innovator. Harnessing 20 years of commercial software development and custom consulting experience alongside his ability to constantly innovate, Clint is able to produce elegant software solutions for our clients’ most challenging engineering projects. Utilizing his experience in a myriad of sectors, including Oil and Gas, Finance, Utilities, Medical, and Military, Clint considers problems from every angle to achieve the impossible for our clients.

Clint Delisle

GMC Consultants

With a select group of 54 consultants, GMC is able to build an expert and fully customized team for each of our clients’ projects. Our consultants’ insight into our clients’ challenges comes from their operational experience as well as their vast consulting knowledge. Our consultants are either one of the top experts in their respective field’s worldwide or tried and true professionals who have served at General Management level or higher in mining operations. This specialized team allows us to deliver value, time and again, to our clients above and beyond the objectives of any given project.


GMC consultants are specialists in the following areas who provide the highest level of advice to our clients.


Including all aspects of orebody definition and maximization of its economic potential in the marketplace, our consultants focus on the relationship between the orebody and the marketplace and then help our clients make the right trade-offs to maximize the value of their ore reserves. The aim is to achieve a balanced mining operation that fits the orebody and the market, and can be produced at minimum cost. They are accustomed to an array of industry proven software solutions and possess well-earned benchmarking data for global underground and open pit processes. Key areas for GMC are:

  • Mine planning representing Geological Model to Mine Design to Mine Plan to Production Schedule to Mine Reconciliation

  • Drill and Blast which includes blast design and monitoring

  • Geotechnical and risk recognition

  • Load and Haul and interface with operating stockpiles


These consultants ensure that all processing technologies and facilities align with the nature and philosophies of a mining operation’s core process flow. GMC employs experienced process specialists in the key areas of:

  • Operations & Performance Management of processing plants

  • Operational readiness including role clarity, accountabilities and KPI’s

  • Design to Delivery including feasibility studies and due diligence

  • Technical leadership including the science behind decision making

Maintenance and Technology

Our consultants’ expertise in this area includes all aspects of introducing new technology and flexing the existing technology to maximize the ore reserve and minimize costs. GMC’s innovative approach to maintenance views all delays to the core process flow as resulting in production losses and increased costs. The objective is to increase asset productivity by developing the appropriate maintenance strategy and processes. This hold for both mobile and fixed plant. Our maintenance and technology consultants are conversant with:

  • Reliability engineering

  • Process control and improvement

  • Work flow processes

  • Developing maintenance strategies

  • Assets planning and closure planning

Information Systems

Using information systems to optimize the horizontal integration of the core process flow by getting the right information to decision makers quickly and in the right format, our consultants focus on the critical value dynamics that drive a business. Integrated information systems are designed by GMC to increase the speed of information flow, minimize duplication, and remove information flow blockages.

Organizational readiness and change management

Our specialist team has successfully implemented large-scale change in several operations. They are experts in building change into every aspect of the business: Real-time Strategic Change (Large Group Interactive Events), Culture Assessment and Change.

GMC Partners